Milestone Activity: Etiquette that Could Lead to Success

Milestone Activity: Etiquette that Could Lead to Success

Before responding to this post, refer to the “Your Personal Online Brand” Learning Activity. Watch the video and identify which one of the four measures of your online presence requires work. When you Google yourself, what do you find? What do you think about your online brand and do you plan to improve upon it? Why or why not? Please provide specific examples to support your response.

Your Personal Online Brand

Is your online presence helping or hurting you? Watch this video to learn about the four measures of your online reputation.

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A personal online brand is an artist’s way of promoting himself to curate how he is viewed and depicted by the media (Popescu, 2019). My online brand is music. One of the four measures that require a lot of improvement is that of purity. In this era, it has become easier for individuals to try and impersonate someone else to benefit from them fraudulently. It becomes difficult for people consuming my content to differentiate what I am trying to communicate to them.

With changing the technology, it becomes harder to control what people do on the web once they use a similar name to mine, making it even harder for consumers to know the real you. When I Google myself, I find many brands similar to mine, with other brands having

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