North American Free Trade.

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Disneyland Paris resort was initially a failure because of several factors and controversies. The first failure was due to cultural imperialism in that the powerful French scholars felt that the Americans were bringing the unhealthy business culture to invade the resort. With this, they protested against farm policies supported by Americans. Secondly, Disney’s American Managers came up with a policy that English should be the only language to be used in all meetings, making it hard since most Disney workers were French. Thirdly, these American managers also came up with a rule on dressing code which gave regulations and limited use of jewelry, tattoos, facial hair, and makeup. This rule was against the workers’ will as they saw it as being denied their freedom, and hence, they protested against the rule on the dressing code. The European recession also led to financial difficulties for the resort and almost resulted in it being bankrupt. The recession also led to an overabundance of hotels making the Disney resort underperform. Lastly, the poor working conditions in the resort led to workers resigning from their jobs, and the park attendance was far behind the expectation.

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