Nursing Ethics

Nursing Ethics

In this article review, you will explore ethical issues and discuss their implications.

Step 1 Read the attached article, Moral Courage and the Nurse Leader by Cole Edmonson

Step 2 Based on the article, answer the following questions in a two-page (500-word) paper:

  • What are the sources of ethical dilemmas for nurse leaders?
  • How should nurse leaders handle those issues?
  • Explain the 4As Framework recommended by the Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN).
  • What are the recommendations that can increase moral courage in nurse leaders?

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The health care sector is rapidly changing, largely due to the external forces affecting this industry. Courtesy of these changes, the working environment is increasingly becoming very complex, a situation that contributes immensely to the ethical dilemmas faced by nurse leaders (Edmonson, 2010). Globalization has played a part in complicating the work environment, considering it has enhanced not only the diversity of patients but also their needs. Nurses are now forced to cater to patients from different cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. Caring for these patients presents numerous ethical dilemmas, especially since ethics are quite subjective. For instance, a nurse leader might face a situation whereby one of their patients embraces alternative medicine and ritual beliefs pertaining to how their care should be done.