strategic plan

strategic plan

Review your strategic plan to implement the change proposal (Fall prevention for at risk patients), the objectives, the outcomes, and listed resources. Develop a process to evaluate the intervention if it were implemented. Write a 200-250 word summary of the evaluation plan that will be used to evaluate your intervention.

The assignment will be used to develop a written implementation plan

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Implementing a fall program in an organization needs a lot of change which needs to be accepted for the set practices to be fully implemented and sustained as it is an ongoing work process. Fall prevention program aims at shaping the system and policies to support the fall prevention goal. Implementing the program needs many changes from the system, nurses, and all workers in health care. It helps increase public awareness about fall prevention as it is more of a general thing than the inside (King, Pecanac, Krupp, Liebzeit, & Mahoney, 2018). Fall prevention aims at shaping the organization to give the population the best services. When best practices are implemented, it minimizes the chances of mortality rates among patients.