Policy Implications of Patient Safety Standards and Practices

Discussion Topic: Policy Implications of Patient Safety Standards and Practices

Why is it important that health professionals share a common understanding of patient safety standards and practices? What are the policy implications from accepting that “mistakes are normal and all humans err”? How would you approach health care systems leaders or employers about changing employment policies related to punitive actions when errors occur?

APA 7 edition

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Patient safety standards cover many areas such as procedural and surgical skills, medication, timely communication, and many others for effective provision of healthcare services. Small mistakes such as miscommunications between different health care providers can cause harm to patients (Alotaibi, & Federico, 2017).  Health professionals must share a common understanding of patient safety to reduce the harm and prevent and reduce risks that occur to patients during health care provision. According to world health organizations, many injuries in health care systems are caused by medical errors. A shared understanding brings a healthy population and cuts the economic costs of health care systems. Patient safety will determine the healthcare system’s future and improving those safety precautions will make systems of care more reliable.