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Week 7 Discussion

Post-Award Phase

Please respond to each discussion question below and reference material from this week’s reading, videos, in addition to any personal experience you might have.

  1. What Part of the FAR addresses contract administration? Who is responsible for contract administration planning? What are some of the major contract administration issues that need to be planned for under a contract? Who will administer a contract? What contributes to successful contract administration?
  2. Discuss one topic or issue from this week’s material that may benefit you personally or professionally.

Requirements: 250 words


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In the United States, the FAR contains regulations governing entities and executive agencies using appropriated funds to acquire contracts and procurements (Legal Information Institute, 2021). According to (2021), part 42 of the FAR contains contract administration and audit services rules. Moreover, Sub 42.2 of the regulations states that the (CAO) contract administration’s office or the office of contract payment is in charge of contract administration in line with the Codes of Federal Regulation, section 48 (, 2021).

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