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Government Contracting: Dept of Veterans Affairs Scenario

This week, please read the scenario below in government contracting.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is expanding its community-based outpatient clinic programs across the nation. In order to get these clinics up and running as quickly as possible, your Veterans’ Integrated Services Networks (VISN) has decided to lease existing buildings instead of building ground up facilities. The location of community-based outpatient clinics (CBOCs) are very political, and you are aware of previous award protests and the interest of local Congress members attempting to secure the facilities in their districts.

Although your selection team has reviewed proposals and performed site visits, etc., per procedure, you have been called into the medical center director’s office and have been asked which location you think may be selected for the award. He has indicated that he wants to make sure that the selection is where he wants the CBOC to be located. You are aware that the director has met with the local Congressman and feels pressured about the solicitation. You know that the location that will be selected is not the one that the director or the interested Congressman prefers.



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Objectivity and legitimacy are key elements in any procurement process. The procurement process involves multiple parties who negotiate to establish a reliable supply chain for mutual benefit. Biases are one of the greatest hindrances in establishing a solid supply chain. Personal bias amplifies the needs of the individual over those of the company, while political bias amplifies the needs of one political divide over the beneficiaries of the contract (Ahmadi, Pishvaee & Torabi, 2018). Personal and political biases are evident in our case study and can be addressed through knowledge on the roles of the procurement stakeholders and the process.

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