Read in Norton: Drama pages 1194-1214 (focus on Trifles)

Read in Norton: Drama pages 1194-1214 (focus on Trifles)

Read in Norton: Drama pages 1194-1214 (focus on Trifles)

In a minimum of 200 words for each question, answer two of the questions below. Your answer should include at least two quotes from the text for each question. Be sure to include an MLA Works Cited entry and parenthetical citation for quotes.

Topic options:

1. Here’s a creative option. Write a post describing how you would approach Trifles if you were in charge of directing the play. Who would you cast? What would you want your version to emphasize? Is there a specific moment in the play that you would highlight in some way? Would you update the play to emphasize its thematic relevance in 2022?

2. Mrs. Peters seems more concerned with the legalities of the situation than Mrs. Hale, and Mrs. Peters suggests that that the men are doing their duty. Why might Glaspell make the women different in this way? How do these differences contribute to the conflict and resolution of the play?

3. What does the play suggest about justice? As a starting point for your answer, you might look up a definition or two of justice (be sure to cite your source) and talk about the play in light of your definition.

4. What is the central conflict in the play? In what way might Mrs. Peters be said to represent the clash of attitudes at the heart of the play?

Requirements: 200 words for each, total of 400 words.

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The play suggests that the oppressed deserve justice. According to Hurlbert and Mulvale (9), justice is a concept emphasizing fairness and moral righteousness. In “Trifles,” Glaspell brings out the element of justice through her characters, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters, who hide evidence to protect Mrs. Wright. These women realize that Mrs. Wright murdered her husband; however, they believe the death was just. Mrs. Hale states, “…But I don’t think a place’d be any cheer-fuller for John Wright’s being in it” (Glaspell, 1201). From this context, Mrs. Hale doubted Mrs. Wright’s happiness in her marriage and even wished she visited her often because
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