Research Methods unit 1 discussion board

Research Methods unit 1 discussion board

Part 1: Introduce yourself to your classmates with your name, location, current employment, and future goals.

Part 2: As you have learned in this lesson, it is not unusual for researchers to naturally adopt a methodology (quantitative or qualitative) that is consistent with their own worldview. Explain your worldview when it comes to research.

Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.”

Requirements: 300


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Thord Overaas, the main character in “The Father,” is dynamic. First, Overaas is a self-centered individual, full of pride and fearless; however, these traits change towards the end when he becomes humble and generous. As Björnson (Line 9) conveys, Overaas was a wealthy man who liked showing off his high status in every essential function he attended for Finn. The most striking deed was Overaas’s request to the priest to allow him to baptize Finn by himself, despite not being ordained by the church to do so. This specific example justifies Overaas’s dynamic trait of self-centeredness, pride, and fearlessly asking his church priest to allow him to baptize the son, yet he is not a priest. Overaas, later in the story, tones down his pride and becomes a humble and generous man after losing Finn from drowning when crossing the lake for the wedding preparations (Björnson, Line, 53-56).

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