Research & Summaries Question

Research & Summaries Question

In a 10 to 15 page paper, students are asked to A) review the scholarly research on response and/or recovery and give an overview of major themes in the literature AND B) analyze the response and recovery to a FEMA federally declared disaster. The analysis should include information on the disaster, scholarly literature discussing some aspect of the disaster, and ways that the disaster response and recovery could be improved.

Students who plagiarize will fail this course. Papers should be double spaced, 11 or 12 point font, Calibri or Times New Roman, 1″ margins on all sides

Requirements: 10-15 pages

Textbook used or anything of that nature? If you find anything related to race, social class and the response/recovery process that would be great but anything works (not picky). APA format perhaps?


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Disaster preparedness and response are imposed on the federal government, state governments, and local authorities. All these entities have specific departments within the territories they control, tasked with overseeing any emergency response. The main objective of these agencies is to protect individuals within their territories from any threats, hazards, and natural disasters that might interfere with the normal state of affairs. To most Americans, Hurricane Katrina is one of the worst natural disasters the country has ever faced. This is primarily due to the destruction and catastrophe it left in its wake, especially within the New Orleans area (Comfort & Haase, 2006). Most of the property affected by the Hurricane was not spared, with estimates putting the value of damage it caused at approximately $108 billion

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