Selling patients data

Selling patients data

In 3 pages, I would like to write about selling patients’ data (even it’d it doesn’t reveal their identity) from a business point of view. The writing must include the following:

  1. Legal selling of patient data in the USA and Canada.
  2. How did data become a source of income for the organization?
  3. Advantages of selling patient data to the organization?
  4. Disadvantages of selling patient data to the organization and patients?
  5. If the decision is in your hands or you are the organization’s CEO, will you decide to sell or not, and why?

Please read the attachment article and write the most significant points mentioned in the article; how do they support your approach and decision?… Don’t forget write as business


If possible, support the article and examples of some deals and income to sell patient data


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With the increased use of health information systems, healthcare organizations collect large stockpiles of patient data and store them in their databases. Healthcare organizations collect different data types, including health diagnosis, social and family history, social security numbers, and patient demographic data. The data collected in the healthcare organizations allows the healthcare professionals to make accurate health decisions. The larger the data collected, the better the results can be achieved (Roberts & Edelmann, 2022, March 30). Moreover, the patients’ data help the public health agencies and other interested agencies to track changes in the community or population health well-being. It allows them to track new cases of health threats and expeditiously implement the necessary intervention. Although the patient data enable the healthcare organizations to make accurate health and management decisions, it can be profitable

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