sugar sobriety-essay-social work class

sugar sobriety-essay-social work classSugar sobriety-essay-social work class


Step one: Read “Relapse Prevention and the Five Rules of Recovery” and the other resources for the week. attached

Step two: Review each of your blogs and highlight the concepts which overlap with the principles discussed in “Relapse Prevention and the Five Rules of Recovery”

Step three: Write an analysis paper of your experience integrating the concepts from the course; Specifically answer the following questions:

  1. Identify the stage of recovery you are in at the end of your experience, outlining at least two examples from your blog.
  2. Relate your experiences of “sobriety” these past weeks with the five rules of recovery. Describe why these rules support sobriety. Give at least two examples from your experience for each of the five rules.
  3. Evaluate how this experience helped you understand the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of people with addictions in the recovery process, from a social work perspective. What would you do differently with a client now, versus before you went through this experience?
  4. Describe the most important aspect you learned about yourself as a person and as a professional in going through this experience.

APA formatting guidelines. . At least 5 resources from your readings should be integrated into your work.

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Sugar sobriety involves being able to abstain from addictions caused by sugary food. This includes avoiding junk foods and drinks, as well as avoiding foods with many calories. Different steps that include abstinence, repair acute withdrawal, and growth stages exist that an individual has to undergo to achieve sobriety (Melemis, 2015). Relapse prevention is also another critical element that has proven to …
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