The Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse in a Changing Health Care Environment

The Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse in a Changing Health Care Environment

Analyze the role of the advanced practice nurse in the changing health care environment. How will this role augment physicians’ practices? What implications (if any) does the Affordable Care Act have on this delivery system?

APA 7th edition

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APNs can work in various clinical settings, including hospitals, medical offices, and nursing homes, in changing the health care of the population. Their development has contributed to a service model which aims at responding submissively to the changing patient needs in health care (Woo, Lee, & San Tam, 2017). Their practices have made it easy for the specialist to effectively bring a positive impact on clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. APN’s work is like that of physicians, so they have been helping meet the primary care needs of the population in rural areas. They are the first ones to interact with patients, coordinating care continuity within the healthcare system according to patients’ needs. They also help in acute care settings to help patients with life-threatening conditions to stabilize. This stretched practice allows nurses to concentrate on other medical tasks aiming to increase health care and service access and reduce the cost of health services.