Ethical Relativism

PHIL200 W1 Ethical Relativism

Most employers tout being an “Equal Opportunity Employer.” In America, we promote both multiculturalism and diversity, but may not fully understand the differences. While multiculturalism may be great when thinking about cuisine and festivals, present an argument that some cultural practices should not be embraced for America to maintain its identity. Also, does it not make more sense to recognize diversity and promote a “fair” opportunity rather than an equal one?

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28th June 2021 was my first day as an intern at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where I was welcomed by the head of the legal office, together with a few other interns. This internship opportunity came after applying for an internship opportunity in other companies within the state with no success. Most of the companies turned my application citing the difficulties caused by the current coronavirus pandemic, which has significantly affected their operations and finances. The first day was all about orientation in Fort Bragg’s legal office. I was introduced to various staff within the office by the internship supervisor and briefed about their roles and responsibilities.  I also signed the internship contract, which was crucial to ensure I was officially accepted at Fort Bragg.