virtue ethics

Write a 2 page essay addressing the discussion questions posed below

for the one you selected. The selected attachment is the one for discussion.

You may use these and other outside sources to frame your discussion.

Assignment Discussion Questions

1. Discuss the issues of integrity in this case.

2Should criminal charges be considered in this caseif accurately reportedDiscuss your answer.

3. Why did you choose to respond to this story?

4. How is integrity displayed in your clinical setting?

Adhere to APA formatting and cite all sources. Review the rubric for further information on how your assignment will be graded.

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  1. Discuss the issues of integrity in this case

According to Annas (2009), integrity refers to the ethics which is composed of the soundness of and articulation of right policies and standing up in their support when they are intimidated. It involves upholding a consistent, reasonable and justifiable habit of moral values in the working environment.  In the realm of healthcare, we can say that integrity encompasses honesty, keeping one’s words and…

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