Addictions ASP

Addictions ASP

The Addiction ASP final paper will include the following contents:


Professional Statement (i.e., what is your mission statement for your social work career)

Statement of Future Professional Goals (i.e., what do you hope to accomplish in the next 3-5 years)


Integrative Case Study (select a case of a current or past client that has been diagnosed with co-occurring


1. Overview of the Case

The case is a 40 y/o drug-addicted mom of 2 kids. Lives in public housing, children come to school dirty and hungry. Mom is unemployed and has been looking for work but cannot get the proper help she needs to kick her addiction. Mom suffers from anxiety and depression due to the loss of the children’s father who was murdered six months ago. No real support system, friends are addicts as well.

2. Application of Social Welfare Policy to the Case

3. Theoretical Framework and Context for Analyzing Client System’s Situation

a. Theoretical Framework for Understanding the Case

b. Impact of the Urban Environment on the Case

c. Ethical Considerations for the Case

d. Diversity Considerations for the Case

e. Human Rights and Social Justice Considerations for the Case

4. Engagement, Assessment, Preliminary Diagnosis, Intervention, and Termination of Treatment with

Client (individual, family, community, or organization) System

a. Engagement of Client System

b. Assessment of Client System

c. Intervention Plan for Client System

d. Termination of Intervention with Client System

5. Plan for evaluating the effectiveness of practice with client system

6. References

  • The format of the paper must follow APA guidelines
  • You must be able to present an accurate clinical picture of the issues, together with any ethical concerns related to the use of this drug that might arise in the clinical process, and a thorough review of appropriate responses to any hypothetical ethical concerns.

Please use sub-headings

Requirements: just answer each section in detail


do not do section I


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The environment or a client’s social system plays a significant role in determining the treatment outcome. Indeed supporting a client to recover from drug addiction challenges must be within the environment they live and thrive in (Sophia, Dziegielewski, 2009). In other words, a holistic understanding of a client support system is the cornerstone to achieving positive health outcomes. This case study involves a 40 y/o drug-addicted mom who has no real support system since all her friends are addicts. Hence if this client returned to the same environment, the treatment would be ineffective. Drug addiction is a very complex experience, and while it may be considered a behavioral problem, it is more than that. First chemical dependence is influenced

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