Business periodical and as current as March 2021.

Business Articles Format

Choose an article on the given topic. The article must be from a business periodical and as current as March 2021.  No articles from newspapers, Investopedia, or blogs.  Write a one-page document for your selection.  The document should be typed, single spaced and include:


  1. a summary of the major points of the reading using in-text citation (1st paragraph)
  2. critical points of the article and reactions (2nd paragraph)
  3. what did you learn (3rd paragraph)
  4. reference your work (bottom of the page)  Reference



Use your library skills in looking for articles.


A business periodical could be Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, Newsweek, Entrepreneur, etc. The article must be at least 1 ½ pages long.

Reference your work using APA style,






Rubric for Business Article

Summary of the major points with in-text citation(APA style)30 points
Critical comments and reactions25 points
What did you learn20 points
Appropriate article for given topic10 points
Spelling errors, awkward sentence structure10 points
Reference at bottom of the page, APA style 5 points
Total Points100 points


Answer  preview

The subject article under analysis in this paper was authored by Tim Heming and is titled “How to buy a car online.” The article was published on Forbes on April 19, 2021. Heming (2021) begins by pointing out that the manner in which Americans are purchasing cars is quickly changing. Traditionally, people would canvass local newspapers looking for car sales classifieds, while others would spend considerable periods going through various showrooms. Despite the proliferation of the internet, which allows people to virtually access “car supermarkets,” Heming (2021) conceded that traditional car dealers still make up most of the car-buying market. Such a situation then means that even though people are aware they can purchase vehicles from online platforms, most of them do not know how to do this. In line with this, Heming (2021) proceeds to provide a couple of steps people should follow when making an online vehicle purchase. According to Heming (2021), before a person decides which method they will use to purchase a vehicle, they must first have a rough idea of the type of vehicle they want and whether they can afford it.

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