Challenges of Recruiting Governing Members

Board Recruitment

Challenges of Recruiting Governing Members

For this Discussion, review this week’s Learning Resources and focus on the roles and responsibilities of board members. Consider the challenges related to board recruitment and select a critical challenge. Think about your own board member experience if applicable. Consider how the experience and expertise of an individual board member can benefit an organization. Consider potential challenges to recruiting a balanced and efficient board of directors.

Must be 1.5-2 pages

  • Post an explanation of your selected critical challenge that you might face in recruiting and retaining governing board members.
  • Explain your strategy for addressing the challenge.

References Attached:

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Board members are essentially the legally elected guardians of an entity. In a non-profit organization, they are the legal owners of the non-profit community as they take actions to fulfill the organizational purpose. However, the limitation of board governance has been addressed under different legal amendments. To maintain a high level of accountability, certain policies must guide the organization’s decision-making that helps ensure all organizational concerns are solved without straying away from the corporate best interests.

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