Deforestation assignment: 500-700 words


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In 500-700 words, compose an essay addressing the following:

Based on the topics covered throughout this course, choose a specific (national or global) environmental issue impacted by the human population. Explain the issue and the impacts of humans. Give examples of how the issue affects the biological processes and ecological systems. Then, suggest sustainable practices that can be used to mediate the impacts of this issue. Be sure to include citations of reliable, scientific references to support your explanations.

Include a title page with your name, the title of the assignment, and the University.

Topics to choose from are:


Sustainable economic growth

Sustainability in our future


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Deforestation is one of the environmental issues experienced globally. It refers to the removal of trees in existing forests to acquire space for people to settle or perform economic activities. According to Fernandez‐Martinez, Vicca, Janssens, Espelta, and Penuelas (2017), forests provide a conducive environment for biological processes, which are…


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