Public Apology


So there are 3 parts to this essay prompt, there are 3 parts, you choose a public apology, re-write it, analyze it and come up with the research part. I will attach the prompt so it’s more clear on how to do it.

due thursday night at midnight EST. April 5th, so there is plenty of time.

total amount of words will be around 1250 minimum.

The better work quality, the higher tip.

Poverty in News


You will be analyzing and connecting a daily or weekly article that is relative to the subject of poverty in the United States to the text and course material. Article can be found from a legitimate new source from a print or on-line source. The article must be written with in the time frame of the course to assure it is contemporary. It must be related to a social issue involving poverty. **You should choose an article you personally identity with

Culture and social organization


This is a three to five page paper on varsity sports in U.S. schools. The paper must focus on sociological issues such as gender equity, gender relations, race or ethnic relations, peer group relations, the culture and social organization of social life at the school, the experiences of athletes, coach-athlete relationships, media coverage, the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion in social life atthe school, the experiences of “non-athletes” or those who play non-varsity sports, etc.

By submitting this paper, you agree: (1) that you are submitting your paper to be used and stored as part of the SafeAssign(2) that your institution may use your paper in accordance with your institution’s policies; and (3) that your use of SafeAssign will be without recourse against Blackboard Inc. and its affiliates.

Sociological analysis


Complete a 2-3 page sociological analysis of your name, looking at how your naming may have been impacted by culture, gender, and time period.


Write an essay in which you complete all of the following:

Part 1 – Discuss your name.

What is your name?

Describe where your name comes from.

Discuss the origins of your name (if it is known).

Research the popularity of your name. Discuss other information you find regarding your name.

Part 2 – Examine your name from a sociological perspective.

Describe how your name has been impacted by time period, culture, gender, et cetera.

Identify other aspects of the social world that may be related to naming.

Part 3 – Reflect on your name.

Based on your research and sociological analysis of you name, share your thoughts or perspective on your

name or names in general.

Additional Requirements

Written communication: Develop text using organization, structure, and transitions that demonstrate

understanding of cohesion between main and subtopics. Written communication needs to be free of errors

that detract from the overall message.

Sources: Cite at least two scholarly sources.

Culture and Socialization


Develop a 3-5 page outline of concepts you would like to apply to your own life and identify relevant scholarly sources that will help you with your application of concepts.


Write an essay in which you complete all of the following:

Part 1: Section Outline

Identify the sociological concepts you plan to discuss in each section.

Briefly explain the relevance of each concept.

Sections need to include:

Culture and Socialization.

Examine the impact culture and socialization has had on your life.

Examples of concepts to include: Socialization, agents of socialization, culture, values, language,

norms, subculture, counterculture, ethnocentrism, and cultural relativism.

Social Structure and Groups.

Analyze the impact of social structure and groups on your life.

Examples of concepts to include: Social structure, hierarchy, power, bureaucracy, role, status, primary

groups, secondary groups, and group think.


Sex roles and gender roles


Write a short essay, two to three pages, in which you answer the following questions. Be specific and use examples from lectures, films, and especially from the readings to support your argument.

Why and how do feminists make a distinction between sex roles and gender roles? How can this argument be extended to pertain to classism, racism, and ethnocentricity?

Sociological perspective


What do you believe the federal minimum wage should be? Be sure to take a sociological perspective and reference the concept of living wage while crafting a 3-page argument. Please look at the rubric. I uploaded it to the question
its actually a 3 page paper

Nope its just actually 3 pages and the rubric is attached. Just please make sure to follow the rubric and the instructions

Sociological concepts


Hello, I need help with my weekly reflection for Sociology class. I will provide you with (1) Powerpoint, (2) the reading, and (3) the YouTube links of the videos we must mention in detail in the reflection. The reflection is not an essay with an intro, body, and conclusion, but rather just shows the understanding of this weeks material and develop an analytical perspective on it. It is highly encouraged to use quotes from both the readings and Powerpoint.

Down below I will attach the syllabus instructions for the weekly and the “Orientating Question” that was emailed to us after the lecture to help guide our reflection. THANK YOU.


TA (Teacher grading assistant) NOTE: “try to bring in more specifics from the lecture, readings and documentary, and cite them. So for example, when you describe Indonesia’s economy, say something to the effect of “As shown in lecture #2″. That makes it easier to see how you’re incorporating the ideas from different sources and gives credit where it’s due.”


Syllabus Instructions

Foucault’s Concept of Disciplinary Power


Hi I need help with a mini essay due on Thursday night. Use the 2 readings below and no other outside resources to answer the prompt. The prompt is as follows:

“Intersectional feminist theory illuminates how we are comprised of an array of social identities that are subject to interlocking systems of oppression that form a matrix of domination. How does this theory expand Foucault’s concept of disciplinary power, such as with the medical gaze? Explicate a specific example of this intersectional expansion of Foucault from the assigned reading: Kai Shappley: A Trans Growing Up in Texas.”

Public Sociology


Provide a draft of the recommendation section of your paper. It should include evidence-based suggestions for future policies and practices related to the issue, or for ensuring a future for the type of organization that promotes equality and well-being, depending on the type of paper you are writing. This section draft should be at least 1,050 words. Review the final paper outline provided in Week 6 for guidance regarding content.

No references this week just the papers from before that I will add.

This is what the final paper has in it so this might help with this weeks paper:

Throughout your course work in Public Sociology you have learned about topics in applied and medical sociology, in addition to learning about the theoretical underpinnings and methodological rigor necessary to study topics in this area. The capstone brings together the knowledge gained throughout your program and can be used as a real-world example of your efforts in addressing a problem in your field. This Capstone course is more rigorous than a typical SOC course in that you are expected to demonstrate in-depth knowledge, critical thinking skills, and excellent writing and communication skills.

Based on your areas of interest and expertise, you will prepare one of two types of papers:

Sexual trauma


Question Description: One in 6 females and one in 33 males have experienced some form of sexual trauma in their lives (RAINN, 2009). Many who seek treatment present with issues unrelated to sexual trauma. Given the high percentage of sexual trauma survivors, it is very likely that you will encounter clients with such a history during your career, regardless of your specialization. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with a sexual trauma framework and skills specific to working with this population. While sexual trauma mostly occurs on an individual level, it also can have a significant impact on the family system. As a practitioner, you may intervene with the individual survivor, the parent(s) of a child who has been sexually abused, the spouse of a rape survivor, and/or the family system as a whole.

For this Discussion, select two types of sexual trauma from the readings this week and think about two interventions you might use for each and why.

Major sociological perspectives


Refer to Chapter. 1 to review the three major sociological perspectives.

Use all three perspectives (functionalism, conflict and interactionism) to analyze any current issue:

(Global warming, terrorism, gender roles, personal branding, science and technology, utopian society, economy, leadership, discrimination, relationships, health, gun control, immigration, disabilities, minimum wage, abortion, cohabitation, etc.). You can choose one to make it easier for you 🙂

Write a 700- to 1,000-word essay in which you complete the following:

Give a brief introduction that identifies the issue you have chosen and why.
Describe in three separate paragraphs how each perspective would view or explain the issue.

Protagonist and antagonist


ASSIGNMENT: Write a character analysis. A character’s development generally has an important impact on a story’s major themes. Choose a key character (the story’s protagonist) or characters (the story’s protagonist and antagonist, etc.) in one of the following stories and discuss how the character’s development contributes to a major theme in that story. Completing this task requires that you are able to state succinctly the theme of the short story.

Write a 500 to 700-word analytical essay about one or more characters from one of the short stories listed below. You must include at least three direct quotations from the short story itself. You are not permitted to use other sources of information (i.e. web sites, articles, books, etc. about the short story). Doing so will result in a Code of Conduction violation.

“Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin
“Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates
“The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin

Culture humility


How do we meaningfully interact with a client who is outside of our comfort zone for a reason related to culture? What are our ethical obligations related to this? Please refer to specific passages from the NASW Code of Ethics and at least one research article to support your response.
Do our workplaces encourage cultural humility or culturally informed practices? If so, how and is there any room for improvement? If not, how could we incorporate our learning into the workplace? Please refer to specific passages from the NASW Code of Ethics and at least one research article to support your response.
How do we apply our learning about cultural humility to the practice? For example, how might it form our assessment process, the formulation of treatment goals, or our understanding of our client’s experience? How do we know if we are engaging in culturally informed practice? Please refer to specific passages from the NASW Code of Ethics and at least one research article to support your response.

Social issue of personal interest


In this paper you will review Part 1 by applying your learning to a social issue of personal interest. Please make

sure to select a social issue (one involving groups of people/relating to society) and to address that same social

issue throughout the paper.

Please follow the paragraph structure outlined below, and please address every outlined question. Each paragraph

should reflect approximately one page of writing, with the entire paper constituting a streamlined narrative essay.

Paragraph 1: Sociological Thinking (see Writing Assignment #1, Questions 1-2)

What does it mean to study a topic sociologically?

o What is the scientific approach to sociological study? What is the interpretive approach?

If you were to study a social issue sociologically, what would you choose to study?

o Would you study that social issue from the perspective of a scientific or an interpretive

Covid Hidden Toll


Choose three sociological concepts (one concept from three different chapters from the textbook) and identify their roles in the PBS Frontline documentary COVID’s Hidden Toll (Links to an external site.) (2020), directed by Daffodil Altan and Andrés Cediel . In each body paragraph, define your key term (or key terms), briefly describe the part of the film you will apply the term to, and then provide your analysis of how that key term applies to the film.

You are required to complete a five-paragraph essay th

Stress management skills


When answering each question, use the readings to support your claims. Make sure to properly cite the readings in your answers using in-text citations (Last name, date, pg#) or footnotes. Even if you paraphrase, cite the source. When in doubt, cite it. You do not need a Bibliography nor a Works Cited page.

Please reframe from using outside material to answer the questions. You should only use the readings materials provided to answer the following questions.

Non-verbal and verbal communication


View the Professor Child (2014) video in the Learning Resources showing the experiences and feelings of children in military families.

Describe the skills and characteristics you possess that would help create an effective relationship with children such as those in the video. Why are these skills important?
Explain your comfort level talking about difficult subjects with children (i.e., grief, death, dying). If you are not very comfortable, how might you become more so?

Orientation of gender


Hi, I previously submitted the attached document as my answer to the question below. The topic I chose is “Gender identity,” but when I submitted my answer, it showed a high plagiarism percentage; therefore, I need help with this assignment. I believe it will be better if we keep the same topic. Let me know if you have any questions about the assignment.



Identify a sociologically relevant topic or problem of your choosing. For your final project, you must link that topic/problem to the wide range of tools of sociological thought you have learned this semester in a presentation (e.g., PowerPoint) or written review. Your project must substantially fulfill the following requirements:

Give a background of the topic or problem you have chosen and discuss why it would benefit from being understood through a sociological lens. What assumptions do people make about it that sociology can inform (or change)? What does sociology bring to the table that differs from people’s everyday social and cultural assumptions?

Feminism and consumerism


1. to demonstrate the role of feminism and consumerism in Korean pop music

2. to analyse feminism and consumerism in blackpink in a global context

3. to explore how feminism in Korean pop music is exploited and alienated by consumerism

Research Question:

1. How have feminism and consumerism emerged in recent years in Korean pop music productions?

2. How does blackpink reflect feminism and consumerism in a global context?

3. What is the relationship between feminism and consumerism to each other? How do they relate to each other in Korean pop music?

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