Case Analysis

Case Analysis

Base from the “Dollar Shave Club: Disrupting the Shaving Industry” Sample Case Analysis. (Case and PDF sample)(Attached files)

Please do the Case Analysis “Glossier Co-Creating A Cult Brand With A Digital Community(Attached file)

The Case Analysis should have: (a pdf slides and a 2 pages approximately 800-1000-word case analysis writeup)
1. Overview
2. Analysis
3. Updated results
4. Questions
5. Sources
6. Recommendations


Dollar Shave Club Case.pdf
Dollar Shave Club – Example -> Please base from this Example

Glossier Case.pdf -> This is the case we need to work on it.
Glossier – Example.pdf -> This is another team example

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Glossier is an online beauty product company founded in 2014. It emerged from a popular beauty blog known as ‘‘Into the Gloss’ ’by its founder and CEO, Emily Weiss, with over 1.5 million readers. She is very passionate about engaging enthusiastic and passionate readers of the blog to provide data needed to develop new products (Avery, 2019). Skincare products were launched through a partnership with a chemist and manufacturer to the Millennials consumers through social media. The basic initiatives which enhanced the delivery of value in the competitive market were a system of content, digital community, and co-creation (Upton, & O’Brien, 2021). Unlike its competitors selling multiple products, the company prioritized 26 products by 2018 (Avery, 2019).

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