Discussion: Personal and Professional Growth

Discussion: Personal and Professional Growth

Now that you are at the end of your program, it is time to reflect on and analyze the impact of the MS in Psychology program on your personal and professional growth. This is a great way to see what you have learned and accomplished in the past few years. Also, take a moment to appreciate those who have supported you in both big and small ways. For this Discussion assignment, you will also describe your next plans, professionally or academically.

  • Reflect on your journey through this program.
  • Evaluate what you have learned in this program.
  • Think about the knowledge, skills, and competencies you have acquired from this program and how they have contributed to your personal and professional growth.
  • Looking forward, think about what you will do now that your master’s degree is completed.
  • Think about the support you have received from others around you and how you might reward them for supporting and “hanging in there” with you.

Post a description of the impact of your MS in Psychology program as it relates to your personal and professional growth. How will you apply your knowledge and degree—what are your next steps or goals? Finally, share how you will acknowledge and reward one person who has been a support to you during your program.

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My Master’s program is MS in Psychology and my specialty is Applied Behavior Analysis. My goal is to use the techniques of ABA outside the Autusim scoop and use it in other mental health illness interventions such as (self-injuries behaviors, substance abuse, anxiety, etc). My capstone project is on the Extinction Burst, especially with self-injuries behaviors interventions. Please use any extra scholarly resources that are useful for this discussion, however, please make sure to cite it APA7.
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As I reflect on my MS in Psychology program journey, I have gathered in-depth insight into understanding human behavior and factors that influence an individual’s conduct. While focusing on personal development, I have learned the importance of reflecting on my strengths and weaknesses to make informed decisions on crucial issues in my life. I believe that understanding myself helps me improve how I relate with others. In this case, studying aspects, such as self-injurious behaviors have helped me learn how to help clients address this concern for their wellbeing.

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