discussion post 1

discussion post 1

    1. Develop research questions related to a relevant health care issue.
    1. For your assignment this week, you will be
    1. developing a research
    question. Share with the class three possible research questions that you are considering in order to obtain feedback from your peers. Provide rationale and justification for each. Include at least one scholarly article to support one of the proposed topics.
Introduction to Health Research Methods: A Practical Guide

Jacobsen, K. H. (2017). Introduction to health research methods: A practical guide (2nd ed.) Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN-13: 9781284094381

Requirements: 200 words

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Patient education for patients with diabetes is important as it helps the patients manage the condition. Diabetes is a lifelong chronic disease hence education will help the patient lead a normal and healthier life. The question will help identify any differences between a patient who received education and one who does not (Jacobsen, 2017). It will also help indicate whether, through education and self-monitoring, they can maintain a lower blood sugar level than those who do not. The research is important to will identify the importance of patient education. It will also help in improving knowledge and the healthcare practice.

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