Diversity and gerontology

Diversity and gerontology

Two separate discussion assignment: EACH ASSIGNMENT 1PAGE

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I need a discussion post separately on diversity and gerontology.

Diversity book; Lippincott CoursePoint Enhanced for Andrews’ Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care

1 reference from each book for the assignment

access to the diversity bookuse below link


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Based on Morrie’s story, I feel like he was trying to tell Mitch to listen to the teachings he was giving him to improve his communication strategies with him. Improving communication can be through investing extra time into each elderly patient interaction. Elderly patients are slower in processing and responding to information, and therefore they need information repeated. He strives to tell Mitch that even the elderly have feelings and, therefore, communication must be open and honest. Also, communication can be increased by addressing patients by their name, utilizing large-font written instructions, pictures, or diagrams, and providing audio instructions for those with difficulty seeing or reading (Justo-Henriques, Pérez-Sáez, & Alves Apóstolo, 2020). Additionally, the patient should be wearing their hearing aid and ensure it is on. Also, speaking slowly and facing the patient directly at eye level can reduce hearing barriers.

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