Drug offenses.

So topics could be (but are not by any means limited to):

Marijuana trafficking

The effect of marijuana legalization (on crime, health, cost to society, etc. LOTS of new research)

The opioid crisis

The online drug market scene/controversy

Benzodiazepine addiction

Ecstasy and the rave culture

Alcohol and violence

The drug treatment system (or a paper comparing different treatment styles for a particular drug or class of drugs)

The legalization debate (mostly cannabis obviously, but there’s some other stuff too)

Law enforcement methods/tactics in combating illicit drug trade/use

International anti-drug efforts/campaigns

Or something similar

Size requirement: 10 to 15 pages, typed (word processed) and double spaced. I suppose I have to be precise: At least 10 full pages of body, using normal font (10-12 point, double spacing, and no more than 1-inch margins. Submitting a paper under 10 pages, will result in the loss of a minimum of 10% per page OR PORTION THEREOF. So if you give me 9 ¾ pages, you lose 10%. 8 pages, you lose 20%. So don’t go short.Principal Research Material:A: professional journals. This will be your primary source of information for your paper, and you must include a minimum of ten different journal articles as source material. If you are not comfortable with identifying high-quality journals and the FULL TEXT of the article you want to use, please consult the librarians, as they are the subject experts on that topic.B: books on the subject which are written for a professional audience. Not mass-market books, which are often poorly sourced or overtly biased.


C: Governmental publications such as the National Survey of Drug Use and Health, or Monitoring The Future. Both are considered fully trustworthy, and each has its strengths in providing information.D: your textbook. Do not neglect it as a starting point for your research. There are many papers referenced in your text which you can find the originals of, and read/potentially use.That’s pretty much it. Websites without authorship are not authoritative, so avoid most unless they are obviously sourceable to a reputable agency.Number of references: A minimum of 15. At least ten journal articles, plus at least five more sources which are primarily academic or professional in nature. Reference format: Please use APA. If you don’t know how, get a style guide or look online. Also, the Citation Machine (citationmachine.net) is extremely cool, and can configure your references in the proper format for your refs page, and will also give you the proper format for an inline citation (inline parenthetical citations are, of course, required in APA format)Paper style:A: These papers are NOT to be written in the first personB: These papers are NOT to be written in conversation styleC: These papers are to be written in the formal third-person of academic research papers.

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Before delving deeper into the merits and demerits of legalization, it is vital to forge a robust understanding of Marijuana as a drug. Commonly referred to by its scientific name Cannabis sativa, Marijuana is a common recreational drug derived from a plant also known as Cannabis. It also goes by numerous street slang such as pot, weed, grass, and ganja. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that Marijuana is the most abused drug within the United States (Yu, Chen, Chen, & Yan, 2020). Its popularity emanates from the fact that this drug has a psychoactive element as part of its ingredients, and this facet gives its users a feeling of euphoria. Users may also experience relaxation or a heightened sense of perception due to the impact of the drug’s main ingredient. However, it is essential to appreciate that Marijuana does not cause

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