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Please submit your Weekly Progress Report for Week 6.


Prof feedback on week 5

Hi Isha, 1) Can we consider all dissertations and theses available from ProQuest Dissertations &Theses Global scholarly articles for the literature review? As Dr. Campanicki explained, you may read dissertations and theses, but these are typically not included within the references in your Literature Review. You cannot quote the author of a dissertation or thesis. However, you can use these documents to give you ideas for writing your own thesis. Additionally, you can look through the references they used and if pertinent, include them within your paper.

2) Are there limits in the use of academic sources to give evidence for research? No, there are no limits. However, you need to strike a balance of different sources used in developing your paper. You should have a diversity of sources with which to draw upon for developing information in your paper

Please see the feedback and recommendation made by the predecessor

This are his response to the question on week 5 progress report

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Questions or Concerns on which I’d like some individual or class feedback:

I have two concerns related to writing evidence-based research and selection of research design and methodology.

  • Suppose a scholarly research article and or dissertation contains quantitative or qualitative data to answer the research questions. Are there limits to mining these statistics in place of primary data collection within the same sample population? In other words, is it plagiarism to analyses data collected from another research as if one collected the data themselves? What are the ethical implications of this program?
  • At this stage in my thesis writing, I conflict on the appropriate research design for my thesis. After exploring the benefits of quantitative or qualitative design and the mixed research method, I wonder whether the tradeoff affects the quality of my thesis? What would you recommend as the main factor to consider?

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Human and intellectual resources
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