Negotiation and Cross-Cultural Management

Negotiation and Cross-Cultural Management

Write a reflective piece on the role you played in the negotiation simulation role-play exercise, and discuss the ultimate outcome.

Briefly narrate what went right and wrong in the negotiations. Consider including the following points:

The most important things you and your opponent did right in your negotiations;

The most important things you and your opponent did wrong in your negotiations;

How and why these things were important and had a consequential impact on the negotiation outcome;

what you learned from this.

Requirements: 1000


The part I am responsible for is Equity


This is the video link of our negotiation, can you open it?
I think you should take a look at the two documents I uploaded and the video link. There are detailed introductions on how the task needs to be completed.
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Negotiations are a critical component of everyday life, and thus, cannot be avoided. Employees and organizational leaders will be expected to strike numerous deals within the working environment. Furthermore, when doing this, they will also be expected to achieve the best outcome possible. To do this, an individual should possess excellent negotiation skills. Lack of these skills might make it harder for them to overcome underlying barriers that might impede the negotiation process. When this happens, completing the negotiation and attaining the best outcome possible will be very challenging. I recently participated in a simulation role-play exercise pertaining to a negotiation. Doing this gave me a chance to implement the theoretical
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