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In this discussion, you will pretend you are going to offer psychoeducation about addiction and its impact on the body to your clients. Your psychoeducation should answer these two questions: What is addiction? How is it impacting your body?

You will practice providing psychoeducation on this topic to your client. In your post, please share the following:

  1. Who do you imagine your client to be? Will it be an adolescent? An adult? Will that person be going through a detox process or in treatment of some kind? You are encouraged to choose a population that you anticipate you might work with in the future.
  2. Explain the most important information to provide to your client in an age appropriate way.
  3. Create a handout that you could use to review the information with the client. Share this as a PDF with the class. The idea is to create a group of “resources” in MN that you all can save to use in practice.

Requirements: 1 PAge


This question is two part question 1 and 2 is the discussion


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Addiction, also known as substance use disorder, is a complex condition involving the uncontrollable substance use despite its harmful effects. Addicted people focus much on substance use such as alcohol, illicit drugs, or tobacco to the point that they cannot carry on their day-to-day life. They continue using the substance even when it is causing them health issues. It impacts one’s body as those people usually have distorted thinking and behaviors (Lüscher, Robbins, & Everitt, 2020). Addicted people change their brain structure which affects the way they behave and their personalities. It has internal and external effects on a person causing many chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer, kidney failure, and even death.

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