Servant Leadership

Describe a time in your professional life when you felt used and manipulated.

What were the circumstances?

Did you feel valued by the leader?

explain how the issue of purpose, in the servant leadership paradigm, could you have yielded a more beneficial outcome for the leader and yourself.

Discuss using 3 APA reference within 5years.

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I was given an opportunity in a mid-sized company. Being an intern, my supervisor would treat me as such, assign me lighter duties, and teach me how to accomplish my tasks. On the contrary, the supervisor bombarded me with assignments, and he did not care to take me through the process of achieving the same. If I was unable to finish in time, he did not listen to my explanation as he did not hesitate to send me a warning memo each time. Each time I approached the supervisor with a query, he could tell me that he is busy and does not have time for petty issues. I felt like the supervisor looked down upon me because I was just a student, and he thought that I was bringing no value to the company. I got overwhelmed with the cruel treatment, and I had to request the head of the department to assign me a new supervisor.

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