Social Science Question

Social Science Question

How does Butler frame the use of language as a way to disguise repugnant human behavior, and how is this shown in the film?

In what ways do we “do violence” without being “violent” at all?


With these assignments, we are practicing concise argument building. Within that, you will use some of the more formal writing conventions (like direct quotes from your sources) so that your piece could be read and understood by anyone who comes across it. The questions provided here are to guide your brainstorming. Simply answering them is NOT completing the assignment. You’ll want to construct an essay that moves from Definition (Intro paragraph that outlines what you’re analyzing and why), to Example(s) (Support paragraph that use direct quotes from the reading(s) to do analysis), to Solution(s) (Concluding paragraph that outlines your ideas for solutions to the issue you analyze).

Requirements: 500 words


You need to read the Chapter 5 “The Claim of Non-Violence”. here is the link of the book”…

only use the chapter 5 of the book as a source.


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In life, each person is presented with unpleasant situations that spark negative emotions such as anger or rage. While there is limited control over the actions that led to these emotions, the reaction that follows them is within the person’s control. Often people react to unpleasant situations in a violent eBay that threatens their physical and emotional safety as well as that of other people. In his book, Butler recommends a more ethical approach to handling conflict-stricken or unpleasant situations. He proposes the use of non-violent ways which acknowledge the unpleasantness of a situation and recommend useful language and actions for resolution.

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