Virtual collaboration

Student teams will write an issue paper. Students will pick a topic relevant to teams and collaboration (Barriers to collaboration) and write an in-depth report about that issue. The issue paper may be between 1000-1500 words per team member. Each team member will select a sub-topic (barriers to virtual communication in collaboration) within the chosen topic. The paper should flow smoothly and feel like a coherent document. Each team member’s contribution and word count should be explicitly stated in the report.

All submissions should be in MS-Word or PDF, Formatting should be Calibri, 12 Point, Double Spaced, and with 1″ margin on all sides.

My part is to talk about barriers to virtual communication in collaboration, This is an issue paper, so I would need references also.

everything in the description, so simply my group overall topic is “barriers to collaboration” and the sub-topic I am in charge of is virtual communication; so linking this to the main topic and adding some refrences should be perfect.

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Virtual communication is complicated if an individual does not know how to use the tools. Familiarizing with software is not enough nowadays, but there are often tricks and little shortcuts that make the software more efficient. Virtual teams should get into the habit of sharing tips and tricks. Virtual teams should spend some time learning how collaboration tools work to get the best out of them. Online help centers should always be ready to help virtual teams. Virtual teams should rehearse before actual online meetings. Information sharing should be with everyone who has not used the tool before (Saafein & Shaykhian. 2014). Practice before the actual meeting ensures that the online experience for the first-time virtual attenders better. However, the more skilled an individual is in the setting, the easier it becomes to overcome the challenges.

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