Courtesy of globalization.

Write a three-page analysis using the case study on “Kelly’s Assignment in Japan.”

Your analysis should address the questions listed below.

  • Explain the clashes in culture, customs, and expectations that occurred in this situation.
  • What stage of culture shock is Kelly’s family experiencing?
  • Turn back the clock to when Kelly was offered the position in Tokyo. What, if anything, should have been done differently, and by whom?
  • You are Kelly. What should you do now?

Your case study analysis should follow APA guidelines for formatting all resources, both in-text citations and references. Your analysis should include a title page and a reference page

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light of the existing language and cultural barrier. In addition, the kids are frustrated since they no longer live in a house with a backyard they can use a playground. Kelly’s husband, Joe, was also fed up and subsequently started complaining of the small kitchen appliances and the frustration borne out of the failure to understand Japanese, which made it harder for him to do anything. Kelly experienced an episode of homesickness when in the cab on her way home. Frustrated with the failure of the cab driver to understand her directions, Kelly started wishing her friends were there so that she could vent out her anger, complaints, and frustrations to them.

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