Pol 100 home questions

July 31, 2022| Rosemary Mosco

Pol 100 home questions

Read Chapter 7 in Harrison and pay close attention to the Key Terms on page 240, and especially focus on: electioneering, lobby, political action committee (PAC), and social capital. Visit the web-site www.fec.org and assess its content.

Questions 1

answer this question first: How do you think the Internet has changed how interest groups operate? Then, focus on these questions: Has the Internet helped some groups? Has it made others less effective? Why?

questions 2

For your Blog entry this week, explain what interest group you might choose to be a part of. Why? Be specific.

this questions maybe help u think about questions two

What kinds of interest groups are you and your friends most likely to be involved in (even if you are not)? Why are the issues that these groups advocate important to you?

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