Business Question

Business Question

Requirements: 1700 words

no other information needed, please don’t repeat the question when answering the questions.


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Write a paper discussing your organizations benefits, safety, and wellness programs.

  • Describe your overall safety programs. Do they comply with regulatory standards?
  • Describe your security programs. What processes, procedures, training, etc., do you have in place to ensure protection of data, information, etc.?
  • Does your organization have a safety manager or department? If not, who is responsible for ensuring compliance?
  • What programs or activities has the organization implemented to improve the health of its employees?
  • What recurring training do you offer, (e.g., violence in the workplace training)? Are they voluntary or mandatory?
  • Briefly describe your workplace incident and investigation policies.
  • Has the organization developed, periodically reviewed, and implemented a disaster preparedness plan?

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