Deliverable 5 – Clinical Judgment is a Dynamic Process

Deliverable 5 – Clinical Judgment is a Dynamic Process

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  1. Competency

    Modify clinical judgment within an iterative, outcome-based cycle of clinical reasoning and client needs.

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    As part of the clinical portion of your BSN Capstone course in your senior semester, you have the opportunity to attend a two-day seminar with senior nursing students from other academic institutions. The theme of this seminar is the application of clinical judgment to determine the best evidence-based solutions for nursing practice.


    For a clinical judgment roundtable with faculty and students that is sponsored by your academic institution, you must prepare one scenario based handout to promote robust discussion regarding the application of clinical judgment as an outcomes-based dynamic cycle of clinical reasoning and client needs. The handout must contain these components:

    • Describe a clinical situation where you applied an outcome-based cycle of clinical reasoning to select what you considered the “best” client intervention based on information available.
    • Include relevant external and internal cues and hypotheses
    • Discuss the outcomes based, iterative cycle of clinical reasoning you applied after the initial intervention to select the next “best” interventions appropriate for the particular situation based on client needs.
    • Rationales and evidence based findings were included to support choices for the next “best” interventions.


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Nursing is a field requiring nurses to demonstrate their critical thinking skills when handling diverse issues during practice. In most cases, applying the clinical reasoning cycle helps organize the clinicians’ thought process in systematic steps. The initial step is to understand the clinical case, gather data, process the data, determine the issues behind the patient’s problem, goal development, action-taking, evaluation, and reflect on lessons learned. The discussed clinical case of an infant in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) due to neonatal jaundice shows the practical application of the clinical reasoning cycle in decision-making.

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