Intercultural Management

Intercultural Management

Intercultural Management: Choose a city in one of the following: Taiwan, Spain, Uruguay, Australia, or Turkey

Research the culture of the city and describe what you need to know about three (3) cultural differences that would help you open a subsidiary, hire staff, and manage it for your corporation to be successful in that country.

Essay should be properly APA formatted to include a title page and references list, which will not be included in the minimum page count.

Essay should follow APA guidelines for all resources for in-text citations, paraphrasing, and references.

Requirements: 2 pages

Answer Preview for Corporate Executive Compensation Intercultural Management assignment

Melbourne is known for its cultural diversity. It hosts popular festivals around the year like the white night, the Moomba festival, Cultural diversity week, and the lunar New Year celebrations. Due to all those festivals around the year, going global in Melbourne will not give anyone a chance to feel excluded as they accommodate people from many cultural backgrounds. It will be easy for staff to adapt and learn a lot about different cultures, making it easy to do business as it will be easy to understand what different people prefer.

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