Matrix organizational structure.

  1. Obtain a chart of the administrative organization from where you work.
    • If it is in a hospital, it should cover from the CEO down through the middle management or equivalent if it is another type of business.
    • If it is a small business and you cannot locate a chart, then make a chart showing the relationship of the employees and the person in charge, or possibly an owner of the business.
      • Scan the chart and save the file.
  2. Attach the chart and then describe the organization with the terms that are introduced in Chapter 12.
  3. If you work within the structure, describe the functionality of the system and any other observations you would like to add.

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I work as part of the sales team and have made several observations about the organizational structure. One of them is the growing power of the informal structure in the organization. Whenever the formal system fails either due to growth or changes, the informal structure gains more reliability (Marquis & Huston, 2009). This company has grown significantly over the past year without revising the hierarchical arrangement; this has made employees more reliant on grapevine communication, which is the informal structure’s primary communication method. I have also observed the high bureaucracy in the matrix structure, which causes delays in decision making. Managers find it challenging to make quick decisions, which has adverse effects on the firm’s success. for example, in the sales department, bureaucracy has previously caused a delay in closing deals, which has led to the loss of revenue.

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