Non-Profit Ethical Dilemma

Non-Profit Ethical Dilemma

Review this week’s Learning Resources and focus on how ethical conduct can be addressed in NPOs/NGOs. Select an NPO/NGO that has encountered an ethical issue or dilemma. It may be an issue currently affecting the organization or one from the past that has not yet been resolved. Find a current media link that discusses the issue or dilemma. Consider individuals in the organization who would be responsible for addressing the issue or dilemma. Think about how the issue or dilemma could be resolved or could have been prevented.

The post must be 1.5-2 pages and include:


  • a brief summary of an ethical dilemma involving a nonprofit or non-governmental organization and a current media link regarding the dilemma.
  • Explain specific ethical concerns that created the dilemma.
  • Propose strategies that might prevent or resolve the issue or dilemma.
  • Use this resource for the paper:…


Requirements: 1.5-2 pages

Same organization:  Harford Center


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Corporate scandals portray the unethical behavior of leaders in an organization for embezzling funds. Apart from that, Gino and Margolis (2011) inform that the theft of office supplies, falsified overtime, injury claims, and fraudulent expense reports cause organizations to experience huge losses. Non-governmental organizations such as Harford Center can mitigate the unethical issues to attract support from donors. A summary of unethical conduct in a Florida NGO will unveil the created dilemmas and strategies to resolve the issue.

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