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For each prompt below, respond with a college-level. You should use terminology from the lectures and/or course videos in your discussion. Do more than mention the terms, show that you understand them by giving examples. You should have distinct paragraphs, proper capitalization, spelling, grammar, and organization. You should address all the prompts below in your post. Then respond to two classmates’ posts.  Your responses should refer to course material and add to the discussion.

  • Consider a workplace, team, or organization of which you have been a part
    • Describe the performance, appearance, social, and resource allocation norms
    • Describe the climate of the group, including each element of climate trust, supportiveness, and cohesiveness
  • Why do you think diverse groups perform better?
  • After watching the Ted Talk, what are your thoughts about the results? What does this say about rewards? (We normally do this challenge in class? If you have ever done the challenge, discuss your experience.)


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compared to small groups as people with diverse backgrounds bring out diverse solutions to the table which translates to easier problem-solving. When all employees are engaged in the organizational discussions’, they feel accepted, empowered, and valued which makes them happier, more productive more motivated, and easier to retain. This leads to high profits for the organizations’ translating to its success. Diversity within your organization will boost its reputation and help attract better talent. Those organizations are also viewed as more ethical and socially responsible, making it easier for people to relay to them; opening doors to new customers and business partners.

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