Conflict resolution process

Your project sponsor or team leader has asked that you prepare a 2-3 page memo to provide your recommendation with the following required elements:

Paragraph 1 – Introduction

Paragraph 2 – Analysis

Paragraph 3 – Strategy and why it will help

Paragraph 4 – Detail of how the strategy will be executed and expected results

Paragraph 5 – Risks Analysis of the actions including a response plan

Paragraph 6 – Conclusion

Task 1: From your personal experiences working on a virtual team (could be a project team, in-class team or another team you worked on), please evaluate the issues outlined below. Note: If you never worked on a virtual team then, pls create a scenario where you are leading a team that has members in various countries and time zones – so, you need to conduct communications and progress via virtual/remote technology. Feel free to make up any issues (the more dysfunctional – the more fun the analysis).

Task 2: As part of the analysis, determine the following:

– What stage of development the team is at [Tuckerman team building stages],

– What specifically is blocking its path forward,

– And what actions can be taken by the global project manager to move this team forward in its development. as an effective virtual team

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The team leadership is central to executing this strategy as they will be responsible for guiding the members to a place of reconciliation and team unity. The selected tea leaders will guide the team through the conflict resolution process. The process includes airing grievances, establishing a common goal, identifying ways to work towards the goals, and acknowledging of the agreed solution (Wang, Zhang & Deng, 2019). The process is inclusive so that members feel valued and in ownership of the solutions agreed in the meeting. In addition, each member will identify the strengths of the others and together come up with the best-suited tasks for each person based on those strengths. This exercise will help us value each other and embrace our differences.

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