quality or safety issue in a health care setting of your choice and outline a plan to address the issue. Inbox

For this assessment, youwilluse a suppliedtemplate to conduct a root-causeanalysis of a quality or safetyissue in a healthcaresetting of yourchoice and outline a plan to address the issue.


For this assessment, you may choose from the following options as the subject of a root-cause analysis and safety improvement plan:

The specific safety concern identified in your previous assessment.

The Vila Health: Root-Cause Analysis and Safety Improvement Planning simulation.

One of the case studies from the previous assessment.

A personal practice experience in which a sentinel event occurred.

The purpose of this assessment is to demonstrate your understanding of and ability to analyze a root cause of a specific safety concern in a health care setting. You will create a plan to improve the safety of patients related to the concern based on the results of your analysis, using the literature and professional best practices as well as the existing resources at your chosen health care setting to provide a rationale for your plan.

Use the Root-Cause Analysis and Improvement Plan Template [DOCX] to help you to stay organized and concise. This will guide you step-by-step through the root cause analysis process.

Additionally, be sure that your plan addresses the following, which corresponds to the grading criteria in the scoring

guide. Please study the scoring guide carefully so you understand what is needed for a distinguished score.

Analyze the root cause of a patient safety issue or a specific sentinel event in an organization.

Apply evidence-based and best-practice strategies to address the safety issue or sentinel event.

Create a feasible, evidence-based safety improvement plan.

Identify organizational resources that could be leveraged to improve your plan.

Communicate in writing that is clear, logical, and professional, with correct grammar and spelling, using

current APA style.

Example Assessment: You may use the following to give you an idea of what a Proficient or higher rating on the scoring guide would look like:

Assessment 2 Example [PDF].

Additional Requirements

Length of submission: Use the provided Root-Cause Analysis and Improvement Plan template to create a 4–6 page root cause analysis and safety improvement plan. A title page is not required but you must include a reference list as per the template.

Number of references: Cite a minimum of 3 sources of scholarly or professional evidence that support your findings and considerations. Resources should be no more than 5 years old.

APA formatting: Format references and citations according to current APA style.


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Root-cause analysis is a problem-solving methodology that proceeds from the identification of the specific factors that contribute to the existence of a problem. The scientific method finds expression in multiple disciplines, which include telecommunication, evaluation of accidents, industrial processes, and the healthcare sector. Not only does it facilitate the provision of problems that an entity experiences at the moment, but it also lays out a framework for preventing the recurrence of similar incidences in the future. In addition to examining what happened in a particular incident, conducting a root-cause analysis enables one to understand how a specific situation arose, the reasons behind that state of affairs, and develop a blueprint for preempting such scenarios in the future. Patient safety is one of the most significant

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