Unit 5 journal

Unit 5 journal

Using specific examples from the period 1000–1300 only, explain how you would rank the importance of religious, economic, or political factors in medieval development.

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.

Please make sure you follow instructions and explain it in detail please


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The factors that contributed to these developments are categorized into economic, political, and religious factors, respectively, according to their importance. Economic activities such as agriculture, crafts, and urbanization contributed most to the developments than other factors as seen from the examples below. First, there was extensive scale farming of grapes and wheat which sprouted due to an increased demand for wine and alcohol consumption. Large scale farming ignited improvements in the agricultural sector to ease the operations in the farm and hence the introduction of the horse collar and horseshoe in 1200. Artisans also traded their goods in different towns, and this drove new skills in people and even the innovation of distinct

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