Suppose you have an opportunity to either

Suppose you have an opportunity to either

Suppose you have an opportunity to either: (1) send $800 to an area suffering from famine, in order to save a dozen people from starvation or (2) give the money to your little sister to buy books for college. Which would you do? Why? Explain which moral theory aligns with your decision-making process.

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Different theories help humans make the most appropriate decisions when caught up in life dilemmas. These theories state the guidelines to be followed depending on the situation one faces to make morally right decisions. For instance, in this case, I am faced with deciding whether to donate the $800 to people suffering from famine or use the money to buy my little sister books for college. Gauging the two situations, both are for good, but I need to identify which option will bring satisfaction and happiness in the end. I must decide which alternative requires improving the situation and if my resources will make a difference.

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