The Seven Hidden Reasons Employees Leave Book Review Inbox

The Seven Hidden Reasons Employees Leave Book Review


You will read this book and prepare a recorded presentation (VoiceThread) of no more than 15 minutes to share the knowledge gained from your reading of this book (due Lesson 13 or 14).

Your presentation should include the following elements:

  • A summary of the primary contents of the book
  • A discussion of why this book is important and how it contributes to the practice of talentmanagement
  • A critical review of the book—which elements are strong and well supported; which elements areweak, thinly supported, or impractical for HR practitioners; and what you especially liked orappreciated about the book
  • Your recommendation for how HR business partners and talent management practitioners mayutilize the book’s practical applications
    • You may use PowerPoint, Prezi, videos, and/or other media to deliver your presentation.
    • ▪ Utilize presentation best practices (e.g., maintain eye contact, avoid reading directly from notes).
    • ▪ Conclude your presentation with several discussion questions to engage the class in aquestion/answer session.

    Use powerpoint and provide a script for me to make a voice thread

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–One of the elements that are well supported for the HR practitioners is chapter four

–The author explains the reason why the employees are disengaged is by identifying that the current job or work is not what they wanted

–It provides facts about details of why the employee lives their current jobs

–the author provides actual information from an experience of an employee who left her job

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