Why are there almost no democracies in the Middle East?

Why are there almost no democracies in the Middle East?

For this short essay, I want you to answer the question “Why there is almost no democracies in the Middle East?”, based on the attached, and literature in general. In answering the question, you should provide your own answer and not a literature review, i.e. do not summarize what is out there, but try to make sense of it…I want to read your answer to this question, based on the literature. Also, address the question directly, instead of tiptoeing around it.

You are asked to use around 1000 words, and at least four scholarly work (books, book chapters, articles) of which at least one should be from the attached documents.

Requirements: at least 1000 words


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Global democratic trends have failed to transform the Middle East countries’ authoritarian and often patriarchal political culture into modern democratic systems. Instead, military officers, elites, traditional and tribal leaders persist in monopolizing state power (Yüceşahin, & Tulga, 2017). The lack of democracy in the Middle East has led many people to speculate why democracy has not taken root in these countries. Whereas many people believe that culture and religion best explain the Arab democracy deficit, a complex interaction of sociopolitical effects, geopolitics, and petrochemical deposits best explain the lack of democracies in the Middle East.


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