Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership

There are 2 parts to this-1 page for each part

Discussion 1: Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

in this Discussion, youwillselect an executivedirectorjobdescription for an existingnonprofit/non-governmentorganization.(chosen organization is:  Harford Center)

Then, youwillidentifycharacteristics and qualitiesyoupossess that wouldqualifyyou for that job and how youcouldplan to obtain the position.

For this Discussion, review your Learning Resources and focus on the roles and responsibilities of leaders and managers in the nonprofit/non-government sector. Consider how you would describe the job of an ideal executive director for your selected organization. Imagine yourself applying for this job and consider how you could prepare yourself to be hired.

1 page must include the following:

  • A job description that includes the roles and responsibilities (including those that are management versus leadership tasks) for the executive director position of the organization you are studying
  • A description of why you think you would be an ideal candidate for this position
  • The steps you could take to obtain the position

Discussion 2: Leadership Styles and Characteristics

For this Discussion, review your Learning Resources and focus on the different leadership styles and traits that are needed in the nonprofit sector.

Select a video on TED featuring a leader within the nonprofit sector or one who works with the nonprofit sector as a business or government leader (see TED videos in the resources list for examples).

  • Ron Finley: A Guerilla Gardener in South Central LA (2013).
  • Shabana Basij-Rasikh: Dare to Educate Afghan Girls (2012).

1 page must include the following:

  • The name of the person and a summary of his or her organization’s purpose
  • An analysis of the leadership traits or characteristics that the person exhibits (such as charismatic, transformational, or transactional leadership)
  • The link to the TED video for others to refer to



Requirements: 2 pages-1 for each part


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The Harford Center is a nonprofit organization whose services encompass all the activities aimed towards bettering the lives of adults with disabilities. The main focus of the organization is to promote the individuality of everyone by considering their choices and needs. The staff ensures the achievement of this mission by advocating, guiding, mentoring, and supporting these individuals so that they are empowered to chart their own paths in life.

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