My Hero’s Journey Infographic

My Hero’s Journey Infographic

HUM2023 Module 5: Hero’s Journey Infographic

Joseph Campbell’s theories on mythology and the Hero’s Journey connect mythology to our everyday lived realities. In this module, you learned that all myths follow the arc of the Hero’s Journey and that the Hero’s Journey is as influenced by real-life experiences as it is the inspiration for future human creation.

Instructions: Think of a time in your life in which you have participated in the path of the Hero’s Journey. You could have been any of the main characters—the hero or a figure supporting the hero.

Use a free online application (Canva, Piktochart, etc.) to create an infographic that includes an explanation of the following:

  • Each of the ten steps of the Hero’s Journey as it relates to your situation
  • Which role you played
  • What the call to adventure was
  • How the journey unfolded during each of the ten steps

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My Hero’s Journey Infographic

  1. The Call to Adventure

Two years ago, I joined the university after years of hard work. This was one of my ultimate goals, where I wanted to pursue my career and become a pillar in my family. I was enthusiastic and ready to learn new skills…

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