Wellness and Wellbeing plan

Wellness and Wellbeing plan

Develop and write up your personal Wellness and Wellbeing plan where you specifically cover the following aspects:

a. Your rationale for the format that you have used. Cite references relevant to the particular format you develop. Mention why you have included the elements that you developed, adopted, or adapted. Mention why you have not included some other elements that might otherwise be part of a wellbeing/wellness plan.

b. Using your format, provide a succinct and specific content of your own plan.

c. Include and integrate the information you gathered from completing previous assignments in Week 1 – 3 including:

  • the Personal Wellbeing Index – Adult (PWI-A) in Week 2; information from the assignment;
  • Report on Other Wellness/Wellbeing Professions/ Paraprofessions & Wellbeing/Wellness Resource Document, including your findings from interviewing other therapists and the resources you identified that can be used by therapists to promote wellbeing.

d. Integrate and address important aspects from the texts in your plan including:

e. Include the role Complementary and Alternative (CAM) approaches may play in your plan.

f. Have 2-3 specific targets for cognitive, affective, or behavioral change in your plan.

g. You do not have to enact the plan for the course, but you will write up a short description of possible obstacles you might face in trying to implement the plan in your Associate position after graduation and how you could deal with them if they arose so that you could implement your plan.

h. Lastly, provide your opinion, based on the information on the chapter in Wellness Counseling by Granello, Incorporating Wellness Counseling Into Clinical Practice, if this kind of Wellness Plan would be beneficial to use with a client in practice.

Provide a Cover page at the beginning and a Reference page at the end with APA style references relevant to the format you developed, adopted, or adapted and APA style references relevant to the content of your own plan.

This document will consistently be in 12-point Time New Roman font, 1.5 line spacing, with one-inch margins all around. Use flush left and indented headings as in APA style. Expected length 8 pages not including the references and cover pages. No abstract is necessary.

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Personal Wellness and Wellbeing Plan

The personal wellness and wellbeing plan outline the most important lifestyle changes that will support physical and mental wellbeing. Physical health and fitness, new habits to achieve goals, promoting change on the negative emotions and the old thinking patterns, gaining mental clarity while…

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