IS Trupsim the new McCarthyism

My research QUESTION is : IS Trupsim the new McCarthyism?

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Trump is that political figure who would use few words that has very deep meaning. In his political campaigns from 2015, his philosophy was to make America great again and it has a lot of significance. He has several unique focuses to stabilize the political and the economic factors of the US with high regard to capitalism.           The issue of Communism got holds the attention of Senator McCarthy accelerating his political. He committed to investigations on communism that seemed to have inflated major US institutions. His philosophy was strongly grounded that in 1954 he made a statement to Lawyer Joseph Welch as having employed a man who had at one time belonged to communist’s front group.  Individuals would view some similarity between the Senator political approach and that of President Donald Trump. Through their strong political focus based on capitalism, the two leaders have earned themselves the description of Trumpsim and McCarthyism to base the feeling towards their political philosophy.

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IS Trupsim the new McCarthyism
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