Psych495 Discussion week 2

Psych495 Discussion week 2

Read the following case study and present your analysis of the study using this weeks references. Please make sure your initial post is at least 450 words in length not including learning references. Please use two learning resources from this weeks reading.

Study – tells the story of Wendell Johnson, or more specifically, Mary Tudor’s study of children in an orphanage in Iowa. It’s called the Monster Study for a reason as you will see.

Associated Press. (2003, August 6). ‘Monster Study’ still stings. CBS.

Main post: After reading the the case study, analyze according to the questions below.

a. Relying on the week’s learning resources, develop an analysis to present as your main post to this discussion form.

b. Give background information and explain which of the General Principles and/or which of the Ethical Standards was violated in the study. Explain how you came to this conclusion, sharing why you believe it was violated.

c. Do you think that the study you chose would be approved by an IRB today? Why do you think the study was allowed, or tolerated, at the time?

d. Post your analysis to the class. Include relevant in-text citation and references when used.

Requirements: 450 words


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Research and experiments are paramount in developing the best treatment for human beings and different illnesses. It also ensures that there are better interventions, health measures and the available treatments that are best used to improve the health of the community and individuals. The different research approaches provide insights into risks, trends and possible outcomes of treatments and interventions. Research has changed over the years and is now based on ethics and research standards; however, it has not always been the case, as indicated in the Monster Study.

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